May 9, 2021 – SIG-Computing: Password Managers; SIG-Linux: portion Cancelled

Richard Jackson, vice-president of SEMCO, will start the meeting and make general announcements.

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When: Sunday, May 9, 2021, at 1:15 P.M. Detroit Time
Where: Meetings will be on line until further notice.

SIG-Computing Topic: Password Managers

Presented by Judy Taylour

What is a Password Manager and why we Should use one? How does it work? Why should I have one? Why am I so resistant to using one? How safe are they in the Cloud? Will a password manager sync between my devices? Free vs. yearly fee. Can I use it as a source for my digital asset manager to close my accounts?

Judy Taylour is a member of the APCUG Speakers Bureau and a 33-year member of the Santa Clarita Valley Computer Club where she serves as President, Editor, and Webmaster. She was co-facilitator for the Southern California Regional User Group Summit (SCRUGS), a group of computer clubs in Southern California that met together quarterly for over 20 years to share ideas and presenter information, solve problems, etc. She spent 23 years involved with the Southwest Technology Conference held in San Diego for 20 years and three additional years at Cal Poly Pomona, serving as co-chair and chair. Judy taught adult education tech classes for 22 years through her local high school district and is a member of the Pierce College Computer Applications and Office Technologies Advisory Committee that meets annually to suggest courses and hardware for the next school year. Judy is a firm believer in life-long learning.

Also: Questions and Answers following the presentation.

When: Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 1:30 P.M.

Where: Meetings will be on line until further notice. Click on link shown above.

SIG-Linux Topic: Cancelled for this month

Presented by

This portion of the program is cancelled for this month.

Also: Questions and Answers cancelled.

Where: Meetings will be on line until further notice. Click on link shown above.

When: Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 3:00 P.M.

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  1. The May SEMCO Meetings (except SIG-Programming) were recorded. Below are links to the video recordings:
    Board Meeting:
    SIG-Computing Meeting—Password Managers:
    SIG-Linux Meeting: Cancelled

    Slides were used in the May meeting. Below are links to PDF files of the slides:
    SIG-Computing—Password Managers slides:

  2. I had the following e-mail exchange with Judy Taylour regarding her presentation to SEMCO:

    My message:


    At one point in your presentation (approximately time index 12:10 in the recording) you said that if you lost your password manager master password, you were out-of-luck. But later in the presentation (approximately time index 41:30 in the recording) you talked about a person in a comma and LastPass was able to grant someone else access to their data. This sounds contradictory. If LastPass was able to grant access to someone without the master password, it implies that LastPass would be able to access the data themselves as well as grant access to the original user or anyone else. Please explain this apparent discrepancy.

    May I share your response with our members and/or on our website?

    The link to the recording is
    Bob Clyne

    Judy’s response:

    Hi Bob,

    I was relating the story my member told me about how his wife got into the account and, yes, it contradicts my statement that you are the only one that knows the master password is the correct information. I imagine a longer version of what happened is one of the options on this website.
    Recover Your Lost Master Password for LastPass – LastPass Support (

    I have given this presentation many times and you are the only one who caught the discrepancy–good job.


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