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SEMCO membership is open to all persons. Membership dues are $30.00 per year. Those under 18 must be sponsored by a parent or guardian. Visitors are welcome at all meetings.

For general information about future meeting topics, location, dates and times check our web site at Any questions can also be addressed to SEMCO at our email address:

You may join or renew your membership by completing the membership form which can be mailed or brought to any monthly meeting. Follow the link to our membership form to join or just come to a meeting (try before you buy).

Membership is $30.00 and can be paid by check or online through Zelle or PayPal. Paying by Zelle saves SEMCO the PayPal fee. Zelle is free for both you and SEMCO.


Paying by Zelle

Using Zelle the First Time

Banks vary in how they present Zelle so be prepared to be a bit flexible.

  • Login to your account on your bank’s website
  • Locate the tab “Send Money with Zelle”
  • The first time you send funds to SEMCO you will need to complete “Add new recipient” as follows:
    Name = SouthEastern Michigan Computer Organization
  • Nickname = SEMCO
  • If your bank requires a First Name and Last Name, use Treasurer and SouthEastern Michigan Computer Organization
  • Email = and Save
  • Skip Mobile Number and click Add Recipient
  • Fill in the amount and what the payment is for, probably “SEMCO dues” and click Send.
  • If this is your first time using Zelle, your bank may require you to wait 24-hours before your transaction will go through. If this is the case, just leave the information, log out, wait the 24-hours and go back in, fill in any missing information and click Send. You should not have to wait on any subsequent uses of Zelle.

SEMCO only receives your name, the amount, and whatever you enter in the “For” field.

Paying by PayPal

Click the “Pay Now” button, to be taken to the PayPal website to make your payment.

PayPal provides SEMCO only with your name, address, and e-mail address. PayPal does not provide SEMCO with your credit card details or any other financial information.

PayPal is solely responsible for the security of your information through their system. Please contact PayPal, or visit their website at for information about their services, security, privacy and other policies.

To use PayPal to pay your membership dues, please use the “Pay Now” button below.

SEMCO provides a unique array of opportunities that only a user group can provide. At SEMCO it is possible to converse with friendly people ranging from students to retirees, including novices, computer professionals and hobbyists, as well as a wide assortment of people from many other walks of life.

SEMCO is a great place to:

  • Learn more about computing in an informal, non-academic setting.
  • See new software and hardware demonstrated, sometimes before officially released.
  • Get a chance to win software or accessories. (Vendors frequently donate copies of software for door prizes.)
  • Get honest answers to computer questions without commercial bias.
  • Learn of the best places to buy that new hardware or software item you’ve been looking for.
  • Learn how to write your own software programs.
  • Meet and interact with other computer users.
  • Get questions answered ranging from how to work the latest DOS, Windows, or LINUX software to getting advice on network problems.
  • Swap and trade components, shareware and public domain software.
  • Gain access to members willing to provide help in response to a phone call or e-mail.

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