SIG-Computing meeting notes 8-Jan-2017

Our Batteries Plus presentation again had to be rescheduled.  Our best wishes to our presenter as he recovers from illness.  Thank you to Sharan Kalwani on his excellent presentation on High Performance Computing in the automotive industry!

Great interview by Professor Dave Farber on Big Data and a rebuild of The Internet for improved security:

Windows 10 Creator Edition Clinic?  Please let Jeff know if you are interested in a late March (after the new version comes out) with sessions to help with upgrading or a fresh install of Windows 10!

Discussion on filtering of Internet content for young adults/children?  Any recommended software packages?  OpenDNS will not be enough as pointed out by Brian.  Needs to be a client program.  If you have any recommendations, please continue the discussion at

Windows 10 Dedicated Sessions

Sharan Kalwani is organizing a Windows 10 Dedicated Session for SEMCO Members.  Sharan has an exciting program in development!

The February 2017 class is now full.

Additional date added:  Sunday, 26-March-2017!

Please see this attached flyer for more details, and let your family, friends, and colleagues know!

Windows 10 Flyer updated March 2017

Q & A

Discussion on blue screens/crashes/instability after upgrading memory:

Possible faulty memory
Possible BIOS upgrade needed
Motherboard and chipset may have limitations
Stability restored by reducing one bank from 8GB to 4GB

Mike discussed the NES Mini being an emulated system, and thus, people have figured out how to run more classic software on them:

Thank you for the great discussion!

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