Notes from 12-June-2016 SIG-Computing News

Thank you to Sharan Kalwani for the outstanding presentations today on Data Centers and Linux technologies (containers, Docker, etc.)!  He will provide his presentations.

The notes from today’s news portion are below.  Have a super week, and please keep the discussion going!

Happy (early) Father’s Day!

Paid members, if you have not received your WordPress and Google Apps ( log-in information, please e-mail

Windows 10 Anniversary Update seems to be in release-candidate state, features improvements to Windows Subsystem for Linux since last preview.

Lock in your Windows 10 Home or Pro upgrade if you do not wish to upgrade in the next five weeks!  See

Great Linux Lite review at Sunday Morning Linux Review Podcast ( – super distribution with 5 years of support for older hardware and/or people that wish to migrate off of Windows to Linux

Scary takeover of a Twitter account by apparent “human engineering” at Verizon Wireless support:

This shows the carriers need to be extra cautious, as many of us rely on our phones to authorize our banking, brokerage, and other very sensitive accounts

Microsoft Office 2016 recently added protections against the resuming rise of Word, etc. macro-delivered malware:

One in the eye for ransomware: Microsoft adds new macro controls to Office 2016


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