SIG-Computing notes 10-Jan-2016, File Organization and The Cloud

The meeting notes from today’s meeting are at:

SEMCO News and File Organization 10-Jan-2016

It was a great discussion today, thank you!

Some other points mentioned during the meeting:

Possible free access to Google Apps via SEMCO’s 501c(3) status.  I’ll email the SEMCO Board about this.

Consider SyncThing as well if you are looking at setting up a personal or family cloud – please be aware you will have to do your own backup and redundancy if you set up one of these, the same as BTSync and OwnCloud.

For the example of the Windows 10 install that was going to the wrong drive, it was suggested during the meeting to try TestDisk (downloads site: as it can temporarily disable partitions.  PLEASE RUN A BACKUP BEFORE DOING THIS.

Happy New Year, and thank you for the great meeting!

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