Notes from 10-July-2016 SIG-Computing News

Thank you to Bill Buchanan for the great presentation on ProShow Gold 7.0!  He will provide his presentation.
Update: Bill could not say anything last Sunday during his ProShow presentation due to confidentiality agreement with Photodex, but Photodex just released Version 8 on July 19. Also as promised he was able to get us a 15% discount promo for SouthEastern Michigan Computer Club. See the following:
Promo Code: NWX9Q3DM
Discount: 15%
The code is good for our ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, and ProShow Web software. This code also works for upgrades. Members/attendees can redeem their discount by entering the code in the “Discount Code” area when they are ready to check out.

The notes from today’s news portion are below.  Have a super week, and please keep the discussion going!

Lock in your Windows 10 Home or Pro upgrade if you do not wish to upgrade in the next two and a half weeks!  See

Still using LibreOffice 4.x (or older)?  Consider upgrading to 5.1.x.  Very nice new features and MUCH faster:

Updated Skype for Linux appears to be coming:

While a lot of us have had to move on to other tools, it will be good to have Skype back!

New mid-range video cards being released this month by AMD and nVidia, including for laptops.  If you are looking for a powerful graphics laptop, later this year the market will have brand new, highly efficient options.

Google Earth ( has been updated with new, high resolution, imagery.  It picked up my car parked at this building J

Reminder:  if you accept Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, or upgrade to the upcoming Anniversary Edition, please re-visit any desired privacy and service settings.  Many of them will be reverted whenever your system does a build update.  A very comprehensive discussion is at:

iPhone and Mac users:  please be careful with the current public betas.  They are fairly unstable at present.  I would recommend sitting out the  July 7, 2016 public betas until the next cycle.  The quality of their previews will surely get better!  Final release to the public is expected sometime in September 2016.


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